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Fly Foundation Inc. was born from a desire to help our team members past, present, and future achieve their dreams. Established in 2020, we are an organization driven the intent to support each individual's personal and professional development.  We want our team to soar.

We are currently accepting donations through PayPal and by mail.



Fly Foundation, Inc, also runs a family-owned, Chattanooga based vacation home management company, called Chattanooga Vacation Rentals. We manage a team of local employees who are passionate about Chattanooga and promoting fellow local Chattanooga businesses to our guests.  The original mission of the Fly Foundation was to support our team members in any continuing education that they wanted to pursue, to help them accomplish their goals and dreams.


In the COVID-19 global pandemic, the hospitality industry has been hit hard, and we are no exception.  In an effort to keep our houskeepers and guests safe and to prevent the spread of the virus, we shut down operations for April and May.  Because of this, we had to lay off sixteen employees.  We filed for unemployment on their behalf, but because unemployment normally pays only a portion of their regular income, the Fly Foundation supported our employees by paying them the difference to ensure they still receive their normal income while they were temporarily laid off. Our goal was to support our team and keep our Chattanooga Vacation Rentals family together during this crisis.

We are excited to report we are back in operations and all the team members who were laid off, with the exception of two who have health concerns, have returned to work!  Thank you for your support!!

Any remaining funds after the COVID-19 crisis, will be used to support our original mission which is to help our team members grow and take their dreams to flight.

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